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The Realities of Arthritis

Arthritis is often associated with the elderly, but 300,000 American children currently suffer from juvenile arthritis. These forms of arthritis differ from the “wear and tear” osteoarthritis of old age, changing the way these children live and play.

This video explains that juvenile arthritis consists of many forms of autoimmune disease. Juvenile arthritis can result in pain, disfigurement, blindness, and many other limitations. More research is needed to develop a cure and provide these children and 50 million other Americans with a normal, healthy, happy life free from the pain of arthritis.

At St. Lucie Medical Center, your health concerns are our first priority. We offer a variety of health care services, including care for arthritis, joint pain, and more. Please call us today at (772) 200-2278 or visit our website to learn more about us and our mission.

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