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For more than 25 years, St. Lucie Medical Center has continued to grow and provide world-class care to the residents of Port St. Lucie.

Spotlight On the Orthopedic & Spine Institute at St. Lucie Medical Center

The Orthopedic & Spine Institute at St. Lucie Medical Center offers a wide range of treatments for pain and injury in a comfortable setting. Our dedicated staff of orthopedic surgeons will work quickly to determine the cause of your pain and design a personalized treatment plan to restore your comfort and quality of life. Whether you’re considering an orthopedic evaluation or preparing for a surgical procedure with us, we invite you to learn more about the Orthopedic & Spine Institute.

St. Lucie Medical Center

The Institute

The Orthopedic & Spine Institute offers amenities you’d find at a five-star resort. Our building is designed with our patients’ medical needs as well as privacy and aesthetics in mind. We offer 35 all-private rooms designed to provide comfort, service, and safety. In each room, you’ll find up-to-date orthopedic and monitoring equipment as well as enhanced patient beds. We utilize an electronic health records system to ensure your information can be transferred seamlessly and accessed immediately to provide you with a higher level of care. Our staff includes a team of board certified orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons, registered nurses, physical therapists, and health technicians, each certified and trained to deliver exactly the care you need.

Treatment Options

Our goal at the Orthopedic & Spine Institute is to provide a wide range of treatment options to design a unique treatment plan that addresses your needs. We offer treatment for arthritis, back pain, joint pain, bone fractures, osteoporosis, and sports injuries. Additionally, you’ll find total hip, knee, and spine care with a focus on minimally-invasive surgery techniques for a safer procedure and a faster recovery. You’ll receive top-quality physical therapy and rehabilitation to enhance your results and restore pain-free motion quickly and safely.  

At the Orthopedic & Spine Institute at the St. Lucie Medical Center, the future of medicine is here today. We have been serving the community for over 20 years with top-quality orthopedic care. You can find out more about our staff, services, and amenities by calling (772) 200-2278 or clicking on our web contact form. 

The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Surgery

Surgery is often needed to treat an injury or eliminate pain. Today, advanced technology allows surgeons to perform many procedures using minimally-invasive techniques. Minimally invasive surgery utilizes small incisions rather than large cuts in the skin. These smaller incisions result in less noticeable scars, as they often require only one or two stitches to close. Smaller incisions also traumatize the body less and result in a lower volume of blood loss, leading to a faster recovery and return to normal activities. The risk of post-operative infection is significantly lower following minimally invasive surgery versus a more invasive open surgery procedure. Minimally invasive surgery is also associated with shorter hospital stays. Many patients are discharged within 23 hours of their procedure and allowed to finish their recovery in the comfort of their own home.

You can learn more about your minimally invasive surgery options available at the St. Lucie Medical Center by calling (772) 200-2278. Our surgeons will be happy to meet with you and discuss the best treatment options to address your unique health concerns. If you’re looking for more information about our hospital services in Port St. Lucie, FL, we invite you to visit our website. 

Putting an End to Your Knee Pain

The knee is the largest joint in the body, facilitating much of the motion in your legs. Knee problems are extremely common, but knee pain doesn’t need to keep you from enjoying the activities you love. Treatments range from medication to surgical joint replacement to restore the natural function of the knee.

Putting an End to Your Knee Pain

Identifying the Cause

There are many causes for knee pain. In children and younger adults, injuries incurred during sports and overuse injuries are most common. Imbalances of strength in the legs, such as very strong upper leg muscles and weaker lower leg muscles, can also cause injury to the knee due to uneven forces. In older adults, osteoarthritis is a common source of knee pain. The first step in addressing your knee pain is to undergo an evaluation by your physician or orthopedic surgeon. This evaluation will tell your medical specialist what is causing your pain and how to treat it most effectively.

Non-Invasive Treatments

Non-invasive treatment options are often the first type of treatment your physician will suggest. Medication to treat pain and swelling may be given orally, via an IV, or injected directly into the knee joint. In some cases, medication designed to provide lubrication for the knee joint may also be injected into the knee. Physical therapy to strengthen the joint and supporting muscles of the leg is also a common treatment for knee pain.

Surgical Treatment

If your knee pain is severe or limits your daily activities, surgical treatment may be recommended. Knee surgery may be performed arthroscopically to repair damaged cartilage or ligaments. If other treatments have failed or your knee joint has deteriorated significantly, partial or complete replacement of the joint can restore both comfort and mobility.  

The Orthopedic & Spine Institute at St. Lucie Medical Center offers comprehensive orthopedic knee care including total joint replacement in Port St. Lucie, FL. You can reach an experienced orthopedic surgeon today to discuss your options for treating joint pain by calling (772) 200-2278. Check us out on the web for more important information regarding your health. 

St. Lucie Medical Center Included on The Joint Commission's Top Performers List

Joint Commission 2013GoldSeal_4color

St. Lucie Medical Center was listed as a Top Performer by The Joint Commission. HCA announced that 80 percent of its hospitals made the list.

“This distinction by The Joint Commission is significant because the measures they use to determine Top Performers are based on scientific evidence about practices that lead to better patient outcomes,” said Dr. Jonathan B. Perlin, HCA’s Chief Medical Officer and President of the Company’s Clinical and Physician Services Group. “We are pleased that 80 percent of our hospitals have been recognized for their clinical excellence and are listed among the top U.S. hospitals.”

Hospitals on The Joint Commission’s list met the following criteria: First, each hospital achieved performance of 95 percent or above on a single, composite score that includes all the accountability data for which it reports data to The Joint Commission, including measures that had fewer than 30 eligible cases or patients. Second, each hospital also met a 95 percent performance threshold for every accountability measure for which it reports data to The Joint Commission, excluding measures with fewer than 30 eligible cases or patients.

To view the full list of Top Performers, click here, and for more information about St. Lucie Medical Center, visit our website.

Answers to Your Questions about Hip Replacements

Hip replacement surgery treats a hip joint that has been badly damaged by an injury or illness, such as arthritis. The bone and cartilage of the joint are replaced with artificial materials to restore your comfort and range of motion. If you have questions about whether hip replacement is right for you, talk to your orthopedic surgeon for a personalized recommendation. 

Answers to Your Questions about Hip Replacements

What Happens During Hip Replacement?

During a hip replacement procedure, your surgeon will replace any damaged components of your joint with artificial materials. The hip joint is exposed and bone and cartilage are removed and replaced with metal or ceramic facsimiles. These facsimiles are designed to function just like the natural ball-and-socket hip joint, moving smoothly and without pain.

Who Needs a Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement surgery is most often recommended for those with advanced osteoarthritis that affects the hips. Severe hip injuries may also require replacement of the joint. The main goals of hip replacement surgery are to eliminate pain, improve mobility, and restore quality of life. Surgery is often suggested only after other treatment options, such as medication and physical therapy, have not proven effective in eliminating pain. If hip pain is keeping you from living a normal life, ask your doctor about hip replacement surgery and whether it could benefit you.

What Is Recovery Like?

After your hip replacement surgery, you should expect to spend three to five days in the hospital. Full recovery may take up to six months. Immediately after surgery, you will work with your doctor, surgeon, and physical therapist to begin walking and strengthening your hip. Artificial hip replacements have a slightly more limited range of motion than the natural human hip. Your physical therapist will help you learn how to walk, bend, and move to prevent injury or strain.

Hip pain doesn’t need to keep you from living your life. The physicians and orthopedic surgeons at St. Lucie Medical Center can help you regain your mobility with treatments ranging from physical therapy to complete joint replacement. Visit our website or call  (772) 200-2278 today.

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