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What Happens During an Orthopedic Evaluation

What Happens During an Orthopedic Evaluation - SLMC

If you have been suffering from joint pain related to an injury or disease, an orthopedic evaluation can set you on the path to a healthy recovery. Each evaluation is individually tailored to address your specific needs. During your evaluation, you can expect a thorough discussion of your medical history. You will receive a physical examination, X-rays, and any other diagnostic tests your physician or orthopedic surgeon feels will help with an accurate diagnosis. You may be asked to sit, stand, walk, or lie down during your evaluation. Certain aspects of your hips, knees, or other joints may be measured, including size, length, strength, range of motion, and reflexes. Any swelling or skin conditions you are experiencing will be carefully noted as well. All of this information is necessary to pinpoint the reason for your pain and determine the best treatment options to eliminate it.

Could you benefit from an orthopedic evaluation at St. Lucie Medical Center? Call (772) 200-2278 to learn more about our Orthopedic & Spine Institute or to schedule your evaluation today. You’ll find more helpful information about our services and your health by clicking through our blog.

Understanding Joint Replacement Surgery

The joints of the body are places where two bones meet. Joints allow your body to bend, twist, and move to complete everyday tasks and take part in sports or other activities. When the joints become painful, damaged, or worn, surgery to replace the joint may be indicated to restore comfort and function. 

Understanding Joint Replacement Surgery - SLMC

What Is Joint Replacement Surgery?

Joint replacement surgery treats a joint that is worn or painful, often due to the effects of arthritis. During the procedure, your surgeon will expose the joint and remove damaged bone and cartilage. The ends of the bones that meet in the joint are then covered or replaced with artificial materials, such as metal or ceramic. These artificial components allow for smooth, pain-free motion of the joint.

When Is Joint Replacement Surgery Needed?

Joint replacement surgery if often held in reserve until all other treatments to address pain and immobility have failed. Your doctor will first suggest treatment options such as medication or physical therapy to non-invasively address your joint pain. However, if your joint has been injured or damaged severely by arthritis or another medical condition, joint surgery may be your best choice. Joint replacement can provide the pain relief and improved mobility you need if your joint problems keep you from enjoying a normal life.

What Can I Expect from Joint Replacement Surgery?

While a full recovery from joint replacement surgery may take three months to a year, you will be walking the day after your surgery—if not sooner. Following surgery, you will work with a physical therapist to strengthen your muscles and learn how to move without pain or risk of injury. You will be given exercises to complete at home in addition to your physical therapy sessions.

Are you ready to learn more about joint replacement surgery and your other orthopedic treatment options? Call St. Lucie Medical Center today at (772) 200-2278 for more information or to schedule an orthopedic evaluation. Visit our website to learn more about your joints and your health. 

Legacy Palm Beach Magazine Names St. Lucie Medical Center COO Jyric Sims a Top Black Professional in Business & Industry for 2013

Jyric Sims

Legacy Palm Beach Magazine, South Florida’s premiere publication for Black Affluencers and Influencers, is pleased to present an elite group of individuals for its annual listing of the Top Black Professionals in Business & Industry for 2013 designation. These honorees were nominated by their peers, then vetted and chosen by a distinguished and highly accomplished Selection Committee, comprised of Top Professionals in Business & Industry alumni. Legacy Palm Beach will showcase the honorees in its November 18 issue, which is distributed in the Business Monday section of the Palm Beach Post A Black Tie dinner will take place on Friday, December 6th at The PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The Honoree Dinner will start Friday at six o’clock, the cost is $100 per guest.

“This year’s honorees was impressive and competitive. These honorees collectively represent a wealth of local talent. They offer the best of the best in South Florida,” said Dexter A. Bridgeman, publisher of Legacy Palm Beach Magazine. “A successful core of Black professionals ensures the continuity and prosperity of our community.”

This year’s stellar group holds various responsibilities in the civic, corporate, and public arenas. They make significant contributions to many professions including communications, politics, education, healthcare, law, and ministry among others.

One honoree Ann Marie Sorrell, President & CEO of The Mosaic Group stated "I am honored and humbled. My mission is to continue bringing creativity and innovation to the business landscape, create more jobs, and give back to our community."

Upon notice of his selection Jyric Sims, COO St. Lucie Medical Center remarked, “It is a distinct honor to be listed with such a distinguished cohort of business leaders and by a leading magazine in the field. It's a true testament to a relentless pursuit of a dream and to professional and personal mentors who paid it forward through me. I am deeply grateful for this honor.

The Kravis Center, the recipient of Legacy Palm Beach Magazine’s Corporation of the Year Award response was, “The Kravis Center is pleased to receive this important honor and values the recognition of our efforts to provide a variety of outstanding arts education programs and performances that are accessible to everyone.”

John Oxendine, who received the Legacy Palm Beach Magazine's Legend Award, given to an individual for a lifetime of service to his community said, “I am honored to be recognized by my community, I grew up poor in Harlem NY, but for the care of my family, teachers and friends I was able to cross the bridge to greater society.”

The full list from Legacy Palm Beach can be found here. For more information about St. Lucie Medical Center and the services we offer, visit our website

Fight for Your Mobility

You don’t need to be over the hill to experience joint pain that interferes with your everyday life. However, you also don’t need to suffer in silence or handle joint pain on your own.

If you experience joint pain, visit your physician to learn more about how you can get your body back in motion. Options such as physical therapy help to restore mobility and strengthen the muscles supporting your joints. Check out this video for more inspiration to keep your body moving and maintain excellent joint and overall health.

Are you in pain? The experienced physicians and staff at St. Lucie Medical Center are here to help. You can get in touch with a physician or schedule an appointment by calling (772) 200-2278. If you’d like more information about our wide range of hospital services, please visit our website

All About Joint Pain [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you experience pain in your joints? Whether your joint pain was caused by an injury or has developed with age, you’re not alone. Many people in America suffer from chronic pain in one or more joint areas. In fact, 50% of working Americans suffer from back pain every single year. Joint pain may be caused by an athletic injury, hereditary conditions, or medical conditions such as arthritis. If your joint pain is getting in the way of your life, consult with the orthopedic experts at St. Lucie Medical Center to find out how you can get relief. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about common types of joint pain, and to find out when surgery may be indicated. Please share with your friends and family, and remember that relief for your joint pain may be just a doctor’s appointment away. 


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