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Debunking Common Myths About Pregnancy

Did you just find out that you’re having a baby? If so, you may already be preparing yourself for nauseated morning commutes to work and unavoidable chocolate urges in the middle of the night. St. Lucie Medical Center aims to inform expectant mothers in the Port St. Lucie area of what they can really expect during pregnancy; having a baby does not necessarily guarantee mornings spent munching on crackers and nights spent eating pints of ice cream.

Pregnancy Myths - St. Lucie Medical Center

Morning sickness occurs only before noon.

Morning sickness is a misnomer. This side effect of pregnancy can certainly occur during the morning hours, but it can develop after you eat lunch or while you’re preparing dinner. This condition has no connection to time of day; rather, it comes and goes with fluctuating hormones in the body. Keeping your blood sugar levels consistent with small periodic snacks can make a big impact on keeping those feelings of nausea at bay.

Working out can be dangerous for the baby.

Any exercise regimen during pregnancy should have the express consent of your obstetrician. If you want to work out, and if your doctor approves it, there’s no reason why you can’t be physically active. In fact, keeping up with a consistent exercise routine can increase your energy levels and keep you at a healthy weight throughout pregnancy.

Excessive weight gain is unavoidable.

Some women fear that getting pregnant will automatically cause them to gain an inordinate amount of weight. While weight gain is a crucial aspect of nurturing a healthy baby, you need not stress over daily donut and cupcake cravings. Many women crave healthy snacks, such as fresh fruits and raw vegetables. So unless your obstetrician determines that you are gaining weight too quickly while pregnant, let your cravings guide you toward eating the necessary amount of calories to sustain the life growing inside of you.

St. Lucie Medical Center offers comprehensive obstetric care for expectant Port St. Lucie mothers. If you would like to take a tour of our labor and delivery department, call (772) 200-2278. You can also set up an appointment to discuss your pregnancy concerns with any one of our obstetric professionals. 

Meet Yasmin Anderson, OB RN

St. Lucie Medical Center staffs individuals who are as proficient in their medical disciplines as they are passionate about their patients. In this video, obstetrics nurse Yasmin Anderson talks about why she loves her job at St. Lucie Medical Center.

Yasmin Anderson began as a nurse in the labor and delivery department. Helping to bring new lives into the world provided Yasmin with a tremendous sense of satisfaction. After her stint in labor and delivery, she moved to the postpartum department. Now Yasmin finds great enjoyment teaching new mothers how to bond with and take care of their newborn children.

Are you looking for a hospital with labor and delivery capabilities? Call St. Lucie Medical Center at (772) 200-2278 to learn more about the services that our Port St. Lucie facility provides. 

Understanding the Causes and Symptoms of Hernia

A hernia is an uncomfortable and inconvenient condition. When muscle tissue gives way to tearing, it can allow other internal structures to shift and move through the opening. The extreme pain of this ailment can render a sufferer unable to perform even the simplest of tasks. St. Lucie Medical Center offers effective surgical options to remedy hernia issues. The following information explains why this problem happens so frequently and how those with it can quickly recognize the need for medical treatment.

Hernia Treatment - St. Lucie Medical Center

Hernia Causes

As mentioned, a hernia occurs when a muscle rips and nearby structures move into the void left by the muscle tear. Muscle tears often happen under sudden and traumatic conditions. For instance, an individual who attempts to lift a heavy piece of furniture may suffer a hernia if he moves the object too quickly or with too much force. Recent surgery patients may also be susceptible to hernia problems. When someone undergoes a surgical procedure in the abdominal area, he may experience a hernia if he attempts to perform activities before his incision has sufficiently healed. In some cases, hernias can develop while children are still in the womb.

Hernia Symptoms

The most evident symptom of a hernia is sudden and severe discomfort at the site of the injury. Because a hernia typically results in the movement of nearby bodily structures into the wound area, some individuals with hernias may see this displacement under the skin. Given that hernias so frequently occur in the abdominal region, many people with them note the presence of a visible projection. Other people with this ailment may only notice mild swelling.

Are you suffering from hernia-like symptoms? Don’t wait for your pain and swelling to go away on their own. Call St. Lucie Medical Center at (772) 200-2278 to speak with an associate about your condition. You can also use our emergency room services in Port St. Lucie for any medical concern that demands immediate treatment.

Fast Track Services at St. Lucie Medical Center

St. Lucie Medical Center

Emergency care may be necessary even if you do not have a life-threatening condition. That’s why St. Lucie Medical Center has created Fast Track Services. This part of our emergency department was formulated specifically for individuals who require quick medical treatment for serious albeit non-critical injuries or illnesses. This feature also provides benefits for those who are facing potentially life-threatening problems, as we can still attend to them as soon as possible. When in doubt, never forego emergency care if you or a loved one is experiencing a major health issue. Come to St. Lucie Medical Center, and we can swiftly assess your condition to determine whether our Fast Track Services are right for you.

St. Lucie Medical Center offers a comprehensive selection of services for all your wellness needs. If you would like to find out more about our Fast Track Services, or any other department at our Port St. Lucie facility, call (772) 200-2278, and use iTraige to alert us when you are coming to our ER. One of our representatives would be happy to discuss the options our hospital provides in further detail. 

Just In Case: Preparing for an Emergency Room Visit

While a trip to the ER may not be a possibility that you want to entertain, it is important to be prepared for such a circumstance. St. Lucie Medical Center urges all residents in the Port St. Lucie area to be ready to take action in the event of a medical emergency. By keeping in mind the following tips, you can more easily seek emergency care for yourself or a loved one.

ER - St. Lucie Medical Center - Port St. Lucie

Locate Your Nearest Emergency Facility

If you decide that driving to your emergency care facility is preferable to calling 911, you should know exactly where you’re going. Having to find the address and map your route to the hospital can cost you precious minutes, resulting in a more serious situation. To expedite your trip to the emergency room, keep the address of your hospital in your wallet or phone. You might also want to stage a practice trip to become more familiar with your preferred route.

Know Your Medical History

You can help your doctors provide the highest level of medical care. Upon your arrival at the emergency room, you might be asked a barrage of questions regarding existing medical conditions, potential allergies, and other pertinent information. Knowing the answers to these questions can help the emergency staff determine the kind of care they need to administer. 

Keep Your Insurance Information on Hand

Your wellbeing is of the utmost importance to medical professionals. However, you likely will be asked if you have medical insurance. Most insurance companies provide their customers with convenient insurance cards that have all necessary information for healthcare providers. Keeping this card with you at all times can ensure that this aspect of your medical care is handled quickly and without worry.

Let St. Lucie Medical Center help you when you need it the most. Our emergency care department can assist you in the event of a medical crisis such as breathing difficulty, stomach pain, or vision loss. For more information on the types of emergencies we treat, call our Port St. Lucie facility at (772) 200-2278, and check out iTriage to check your symptoms, let us know when you’re on your way to the ER and more.

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